Monday, August 17, 2009

Bar BQ Rice


For Chicken:
In 2 pack (that makes abt 400 gm) of youghurt add chopped ginger, garlic n green chillies (small), along with salt, red chilly powder, zeera powder, sukha dhunya powder and turmeric powder.....put spices according to ur taste, normally I put 1ts. of these spices(except turmeric powder), but mostly people like spicy, cut chicken into small pieces(just like we do for chicken karahi)..and marinate it in the youghurt for abt 2 hrs...
In a saucepan golden brown 2 medium size sliced onions, take onion out of the oil n chop and put the marinated chicken in the oil and chopped onions as well, cook until the chicken starts leaving the oil (meaning acha sa bhoon lein .......turn off the heat, and on a seperate burner heat up a coal (heat it up well).....put a piece of roti on the chicken, and coal on the top, pour a tbs of oil on the coal and quickly cover the cooking pot, this will make the pot full of steam and give the chicken a bar bq taste....

For vegetables:
Take carrots, potatoes, cabbage, peas, cut potatoes n carrots into small cubes, cook them in a frypan along with a glass of water and all the spices as mentioned for the chicken, adding chinese salt as well.
Simply boil the rice, with salt.

3tbs mayonnaise, 3tbs ketchup, 3bs red chilli sauce and 2tbs soya sauce, u can increase the quantities of these ingredients according to the dish but make sure to keep the soya sauce a spoon less than the other ingredients, cook them in a fryingpan for 5 mins...

Take a shallow dish, 1st place a layer of rice, (rice ziada dalein coz its mainly a rice dish), then a layer of chicken, then cover them with vegetables, and last spread the sauce on the top, turn on the top burner of the oven, coz we'll have to cook the sauce for a while, put the dish in the oven and I think it will take 5 or 8 mins, or until the sauce starts cooking a little, dont cook too much otherwise it will burn....the dish is ready!

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