Monday, August 17, 2009

chilli chicken


chicken cut in stripes 250 gm's
salt 1/2 tsp
black pepper 1/2 tsp
chinese salt 1/2 tsp
white vinegar 2 tsp
soy sauce 2 tsp
sesame oil 1/2 tsp

marinate the chicken un these ingredients for about 30 to 45 minutes.

green chillies fresh 6 to 7
corn flour 2 tsp mixed with 2 tbsp of water
garlic cloves chopped 3


cut the green chillies from centre...put some 2 tbsps of oil in a wok add the green chillies in it and stir it for two minutes remember not to fry them for long the chillies colour shoud not change. when the chillies are fried put them in another plate with the add 1/2 cup of oil in the wok .Add the marinated chicken stripes and fry them until they changes colour and cooked. Now put them in another plate.
In the same wok add 1 tbsp oil and then add the chopped garlic , stir it till it changes a little add 1 cup of chicken stock , then the cooked chicken , 1/2tsp black pepper , sugar 1 tsp , sesame oil 1/4 tsp , chinese salt 1/2 tsp , white vinegar 1 tbsp , and the fried green chillies.

at the end , add the cornflour mixed with 1 tbsp of water and mix it well until it becomes thick...

serve with butter fried rice...!

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