Monday, August 17, 2009

ice cream's.....

ice cream
eggs(safaidi sirf) 4
sugar 1 cup
cream (packets) 2
mangoes/cheeko =jo bhee falvour rakhna ho

beater mai andey ki safaidi ko itna beat kar lo ka woh jhaag

jaisa lagney lagey ....isee tarahn ek ek kar ka sab cheezian daltey jayoo
sugar/ phir beat karoo phir cream phir mangoes ....akhir mai isey freezer mai rakh

do 2 gahntey ka liyee...2 , dahi ghantey baad isey phir beat kar lo ... or over

night rakh do agley din khayoo ...agley din isliyee ka dubara beat kar ka usey

10/12 ghntey ka liyee phir rakhna partahia freezer ma ...
mai nai bani hia kayee dafa ...ager sahi tarhn sai andey beat hoi to achi soft

banye gee warna kharb ho jayee gee to andey sahi sai beat karna ...

pistachio icecream

well here in usa iv tried an icecream which totally tastes of pakistani icecream.s
whipped cream....1 1/2 box/plain
condensed milk...1can bowl(preferencly vanilla flavor)
pistachio........crushed 1/2 bowl

make thick custard in which there is less milk n more custard.its like thick paste.dont add sugar in custard.take abig bowl.add whipped cream.mix it properly wid spoon or hand beater.put c ondensed milk n custard in it n den again beat it add pistachios in it n put in a box covering it.freeze it 4 about 7 hours.
serve chilled
like this u can make different flavors by adding flavored custard or adding f
lavor in the plain custard.

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