Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ragi Dosa!

Ingredients --

for batter

Ragi flour (2 cups)
Rice flour (2 cups )
soaked urad dal (1 cup, helps dosa stay intact.. and crispy)
Yeast (for fermentation)

Preparation --

1. In a mixer, grind ragi, rice and urad dal to a thick paste by adding little water in between. The consistancy should be optimum, like normal dosa mix.
Batter is ready!!

2. For fermentation.
In a glass, add yeast with some sugar and warm water. Leave it for sometime, say 10 min. Add this to the batter and mix thoroughly. Leave this in a warm place for
4-5 hours. Generally mix doubles (or 1.5 X zoom) in volume due to fermentation.

Ragi DOSA mix Ready!!!

Variety --

1) Dosa tastes terrefic adding finely chopped chillies and onions to the batter.

2) Spinach -- Adding finely chopped spinach and tofu.. makes it protein rich.

Caution --

1) Dosa tava sholdnt be too hot while pouring the batter.
2) Once batter is poured increase the flame and add oil esp near the edges.

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