Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cream of mixed vegetable soup

This soup is very easy to make and is nutritious too. Very good recipe for all those calorie concious people out there since as you read you will get to know that i havent used any fats.


For Stock-
1. 3-4 cloves (laung)
2. 3-4 green cardamom Pods (elaichi)
3. 1/2 inch cinnamon (dalchini)
4. 1/2 onion cut into large cubes
5. 1/2 potato diced
6. 2 inch carrot diced
7. 3-4 cloves of ginger
8. 1/4th teaspoon of ginger
9. 4-6 cups of water

For Soup-
1. 4-5 cloves of ginger
2. 1/2 teaspoon ginger
3. 2 cups spinach
4. 2 cups cabbage
5. 1 cup diced carrot
6. 1 potato diced
7. 2-3 medium sized tomato
1. Salt
2. Pepper
3. corrionder
4. Cream
1. Mix all the ingrediants of the stock together in a vessel
2. Put it on medium-high flame for about 20-30 minutes
3. Then strain the water
4. And our stock is ready
1. Mix all the ingrediants of the soup together in a microwave proof bowl with 1 cup water(In case microwave is not avilable then steam them in a pressure cooker)
2. Now keep the bowl in microwave for about 6-8 minutes. make sure the vegetables are cooked and smashes easily.
3. Now with help of blender blend the cooked vegetables to paste and strain it
4. Now put the pulp in vessel and add stock in sufficiant quantites to it.
5. Boil the mixture add salt and pepper to soup
6. Serve hot with a dash of cream and corrionder.
1. Do not add cornflour since potato does its work
2. Vegetables can be added or deleted according to choice.
3. Make sure that the vegetables are blended and strained properly

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