Monday, August 17, 2009

fruit salad

prep time half an hour
take fruits of ur choice jin ka season ho....
pine apple= 1 smaal can
what do u call it garma( 1 -2 slices)
grapes( as u like em)
but all fruits should b sweet not tursh( u can take em as much as u like)
cut them in to small cubes and freeze them with a sprinkle of a little pineapple juice
freeze them till firm
take one pack of cream...beat it with some sugar and blak pepper till it forms smooth will get fluffy
just like the cream, beat 1 pak of yougurt(prime or nestle') an then mi the cream in it then ad 2-3 ddrops of pine apple juice in it so the taste is enhanced.....
then put all the fruits in it and refrigerate fr a while...
serve chilled
u will seruiosly like it....yum yum

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