Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Interesting Samosa recipe

Are you bored of eating traditional samosa? are u really concerned abt the calories u get after eating samosa? are u bored of Aloo(potato) in samosa? if the answer for the above question is yes then i must say u must try this recipe.
1) 250gms Maida
2) 1 cup Coconut
3) 1 cup Onion
4) 4-5 green chillies
5) 1 Lemon juice
6) 1 cup green peas(boiled)
7) Salt

1. Take maida in a vessel, add to it 3-4 tbs of hot oil
2. Mix the maida and oil well.
3. Add water and make a hard dough.
4. Kned the dough properly for 5 mins
5. Now in a pan or Kadhai, heat some oil
6. To that oil add onion fry till half done(approx3-5mins)
7. Now add the coconut,green peas, green chilly and stir for another 3-5 mins
8. Now add to it lemon juice and salt.Our filling is ready
9. Now kned dough again and make chapati's(roti) out of it (approx 5-6 inch in diameter)
10. Now cut that roti from middle into two same half
11. Now make a cone out of it, press the edges so that it doesnt open
12. Now fill the filling in the cone and pack or join the bottom edge so that it looks like a somosa
13. Now fry it in heated oil on medium-low flame till done
14. Serve with tomato sauce or tamrind sauce
1. Dont over cook the filling, it must be less than done
2. While packing the somosa, wet the edges with milk or water and then press and pack so that the joints wont open

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