Monday, August 17, 2009

Lemon Cheesecake recipe - 6 points

This is a wonderful lemon cheesecake that the whole family will love.
You can use less lemon and more vanilla if you want. You can top the cake with berries (if they are in season) or with lemon slices.
Easy Recipes Lemon Cheesecake recipe
Makes 12 servings
2 lemons (juice and rind of), freshly grated
150 g digestive biscuits or coconut biscuits, crushed
2 eggs, separated
125 ml milk
100 g butter
500 g cream-style cottage cheese
250 ml cream, whipped
30 ml gelatin
200 g sugar
10 ml vanilla essence
60 ml water, cold
1. Mix the biscuits and butter together, and press into the base of a springform tin.
2. Sprinkle the gelatin over the water; allow to become spongy.
3. Dissolve by placing over boiling water or in the microwave oven (for 30 seconds on medium).
4. Combine the egg yolks, milk and sugar in a pan; place on medium heat and cook, stirring until slightly thickened.
5. Pour in the dissolved gelatin and lemon rind; set aside to cool slightly.
6. Beat the lemon juice and vanilla into the cheese, then gradually stir in the gelatin mixture.
7. Fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites and three quarters of the whipped cream.
8. Pour this mixture over the pie crust.
9. Refrigerate for several hours until firmly set.
10. Remove from springform and decorate with the remaining cream.
WW POINTS per serving: 6
Nutritional information per serving: 229 calories, 17.2g fat, 0g fiber

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