Friday, August 21, 2009

Pan Pizza

Chopped vegetables on maida Pizza base with butter
6 People.
Preparation Time:
6 Min .

1. Heat butter in a pan. Fry onions till it become pink in color.
2. Now put tomatoes, mushroom and capsicums in it.
3. After 2 minutes put some salt, red chili powder and tomato ketchup (so that it will be easily spread on the pizza base).
4. Cover the lid and cook it for about 5 minutes on low flame.
5. After five minutes put this mixture aside to get cool down.
6. For base:
7. Heat butter in a pan.
8. On the pizza base spread butter on the front side.
9. Put it on the pan and bake it till it become medium brown in color.
10. Repeat the same for lower side of the pizza base also.
11. On the front side spread the prepared mixture.
12. Sprinkle black pepper and grate paneer on pizza base.
13. Cut it into six pieces and serves hot. Enjoy!

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