Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Paneer (cottage cheese)

Now this recipe is a bit tough. After trying 3-4 times u will learn the art of making paneer easily. But yes it needs a technique, patience and yes lot of curdled milk hehehehe.

1. 1 ltr cow's milk or curdled milk u have
2. Citric acid/1 lemon juice/water of previously curdled milk
3. Muslin cloth/any thin smooth cloth
4. Atleast 2 kg weight/ Container having 2kg stuff
1. Boil milk in a vessel.
2. When it comes up add citric acid(1/4-1/2 tsp will do)/lemon juice to it and dont stir
3. If milk doesnt curdle add some more
4. Now take a muslin cloth and strain the curdled milk
5. Keep it for 3-5 mins till water drains out
6. Now place the muslin cloth on flat platform and fold the muslin cloth so that no paneer is visible
7. Now keep weight in whatever form u have as told in ingrediants.
8. Wait for 15-20 mins and after that ur home made paneer is ready for use
1. Make sure you are using a muslin or thin cloth
2. Use cow's milk to get high quality paneer
3. see to it that the color of liquid in curdled milk turns translucent
4. See to it that u keep the weight in middle so that u get even brick of paneer
5. Also just fold the cloth over upper surface do not squeeze else u will get a hole on top and brick will be uneven

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