Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pao Bhaji pulao

Hi! herez another tempting recipe from me. Pao bhaji pulao as the name suggest tastes like paobhaji. I always used to wonder how that guy at stall used to prepare that tempting rice. I tried it several times and the final result was mind blowing. Hope you enjoy it too

1. 1 cup carrot finely chopped. Its ok even if u shread it
2. 1/2 cup shreadded carrot
3. 1 cup tomato pulp
4. 1 cup onion paste
5. 1/2 cup cauliflower finely chopped
6. 1/2 cups of capsicum
7. 75 gms amul butter
8. 2-3 tbs paobhaji masala
9. 1 tsp red chilly powder
10. 1.5 cups Basmati rice
11. Salt
1. Boil rice with approx 1 ltr of water with 1tbs oil and salt till more than half cooked.
2. Now strain the rice. Keep aside
3. Put approx 50gms butter in heated vessel
4. Add to it onion ans saute till a bit pink
5. Add tomato paste to it.
6. After oil can be seen put red chilly powder, pao bhaji masala to it and stir for abt a min, pour some water if u feel that its burning
7. Now add the chopped vegetables to it and cook for another 5 mins
8. Now add salt to it. And put the basmati rice.
9. Stir and wait untill all water is evaporated.
10. On top add remaining 25gms butter to the rice.
11. Season it with finey chopped onion and lemon juice
12. And our paobhaji pulao is ready to eat.
1. Make sure that the vegetables are finely chopped
2. Make sure that u draina ll the water from rice and rice is a bit more than half cooked
3. Add the masala in tomato onion paste only so that its flavour come out.
4. Seasoning with lemon juice and onion is must

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