Sunday, August 16, 2009


take 1 packete pasta n boil it during boiling put 1 tbs oil n 1/2tea sp salt after it gets boil pasta ko chanlo r thanda pani dalo upar r rakhdo side pay
mean while
make amelate of 2~3 eggs n cut it into small pieces
take chicken r keema boil it n make it small pieces if u take chicken during boiling put salt n black papeer
take cabbage carrots capsicam beans n also cut them r bean sko boil karlo
then fry all these vegetables in a pan with lil amount of oil then put egg in it then 1 tea spoon sugar 1/2tea sp salt 2 teasp black peppr 2 tblsp ketchep
2 tblsp soya sauce lil bit ajenomoto n chicken r keema wht ever u rake cook them for a min n put pasta in it n mix them well
ur pasta is ready 2 eat
serve with french fries mayo n ketchep

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