Sunday, August 16, 2009

Recipe of Egg less cake



Flour 200 gm
Sugar 150 gm
Butter 150 gm
Condensed milk 100 gm
Milk powder 100 gm
Salt just a pinch
Baking powder 1 ½ tea spoon
Vanilla essence few drops
Lemon essence (optional) few drops


Add milk powder in butter and then beat. Then add sugar and beat again. The more u beat the more fluffy cake you will get but don’t beat so much that the butter starts to melt. Strain flour + baking powder + salt with the help of a strainer. After straining, put them in beaten butter, sugar & milk powder. But mix these 3 in batter slowly with a spoon. Don’t mix it with a beater. When they r finely mixed then add condensed milk (as its very sweet itself, therefore we have added less sugar in the cake), vanilla essence and beat so that its mixed up properly. U can also add lemon essence, it gives very fresh flavour to cake.


Grease the inner side of ur cake pan or mold with some oil. Then coat its inner side with some flour so that its easy to take out cake from the mold. Put it in pre heated oven and bake on 200 C temperature for 30 min. your egg less cake is ready. When u try it out do let me know how did it go

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