Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Very easy and perfect method of Pudding!

1) 4 eggs
2) milk : quarter cup for each egg. (u can also take more or less than four eggs because u have to take quarter cup milk for each egg.)
3) Sugar: 8 tablespoon ( 2 table spoons for each egg, we are taking four eggs so, we have to take 8 table spoons)
4) 2.5 tablespoon sugar for Topping purpose
5) Pressure cooker and 2 glass water for cooking purpose.
measure milk, keep it on the stove to boil. take eggs in a bowl, add 8 tablespoon sugar and beat it manually, for 5-6 minutes. don’t use beater, beat manually.don’t worry if the sugar is not dissolved.after beating for 5-6 minutes, add hot boiled milk in the beaten eggs.while adding milk, keep mixing the mixture milk will dissolve the sugar very soon. After adding milk, again beat it for 5-6 minutes manually.after beating,let this mixture to be cooler should be back on the room temperature.
take 2.5 tablespoon sugar in a stencil and place it on the stove.keep the heat very low.on low heat it will take a few minutes to melt the sugar but low heat keeps the melted sugar golden brown n gives a good taste,as compared to high heat which burns it totally.while melting on stove, keep moving your stencil so that melted sager should be spread on the base and sides of the stencil.if the whole stencil is covered with golden brown sugar coating,then place this stencil in the freezer to bring it to the normal that while pouring mixture in it, sugar may not be dissolved into the mixture.
take pressure cooker, pour 2 full glass of water into it. Here is another “porous” stencil available in the market.which, is generally used to cook anything on this porous stencil in the pressure cooker in such a way that its backside should be facing you pour mixture into the sugar coated stencil and place this stencil into the pressure cooker on the porous stencil whose porous side is facing u. now close the lid of pressure cooker and place “weight” on it’s lid. Place this cooker on the stove and heat shud be normal, neither too high nor too soon as the weight starts whistling, count the time and after 15 minutes turn the stove off. Remember as the whistling starts, u should turn the heat off after exact 15 minutes. Take the stencil out, puddingz ready but u shud let it be cooler down before serving it otherwise hot pudding will be broken into pieces so, after bringing it out from the cooker u should let it be cooler down on the room temp. for 1 hr, then keep it in the refrigerator for 1 hr. then u have to take it out from the stencil just like we bring out jellies from the stencil, means place any serving plate on the stencil then turn them, the pudding will be outta that stencil.Now the sugar coating side of pudding will be facing you.
Note: as soon as the whistling starts, U should give only 15 minutes to cook!!

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