Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A very simple basic cake

hello guys. Here is a very simple cake recipe. I have been making this cake since i was 12. Beat part is that even if u dont have a oven or microwave u can prepare it in cooker. Hope u enjoy it

1. 2 cups maida
2. 100 gm any butter(i use amul butter)
3. 2 cups sugar powdered
4. 1 tsp Baking powder
5. Milk if required
1. First mix maida and baking powder
2. Pass the mixture through strainner so that any think particles present will be seprated. Keep it aside
3. Now blend eggs,sugar and butter together for atleast 5 mins in mixer or blender
4. take the mixture of egg ,sugar and butter in bowl and just fold the mixture of maida and baking powder.
5. Now put the mixture in greased baking tray. and keep in pressure cooker without whistle for atleast 45 mins on medium flame.
6. if u want to do it in microwave keep it in convection mode at 180-185 c for 20 mins or till done
7. Your cake is ready to eat
1. Grease the tray properly
2. Add milk if the mixture is too condensed
3. take out the cake after cooling else it will break

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