Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Moong dal halwa

Many people its a very hard dish to cook. I feel its not that hard but yes u need a lot of patience and strength to cook it. But its worth the pain. SO do try it

1. Pure Ghee
2. Moong Dal
3. Sugar
4. Milk
5. Mixed Dry fruits
6. Elichi
1. Soak moong Dal in water for four hours.
2. Strain it and grind in mixer.
3. Add ghee to pan
4. then add moong dal paste to it when hot
5. Literally fry in ghee on really low flame. Keep stirring it constantly
6. When the ghee disappers in moong dal (nearly 10-15mins)add 4 tsp milk
7. add 1/2 bowl powdered sugar
8. Then add rosted khoa(mawa) to it
9. Add to it 1/2 bowl of mixeded dry fruits
10. Add elichi powder
11. And ur moong dal halwa is ready to eat
1. Keep stirring constantly
2. Dont powder the moong dal to fine paste

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