Sunday, August 16, 2009

For Spicy Spagitte

2.cabbage--1 medium onion--1 pao chillies--3 medium
6.onion--1 medium--
7.chiken shreded--6 to 8 peices of chiken(boti)
8.chese for garnish
9.capsicum--1 chop
10.salt--to taste
11.soya sauce--1 tbs chilles--1/2 tps peper--1 tps
14.vinegar--1 tps
first take 6 to 8 botis of chicken n then add salt abt 1/2 tps n 1/2 tps red chilles powder add abt 5 tbs curd n 1/2 tps garlic n ginger paste n a pinch of haldi..then pour abt 3 to 4 tbs oil in any pan and put this marinated chicken n add abt 1/2 glass of water then cook in slow flame abt 1/2 hr...after water evaporates then sherd this chicken.
first cut all the vegetables n boil the spagetti...then pour abt 5 tbs of oil in a pan then first put onion fry it until light brown then add tomato n cook abt 3 to 4 mins then add green chilles n green onion fry it n then add cabbage n capsicum and chicken mix it then add salt..then add all the spaggite in this veg and add salt again wid red chilles powder n black peper wid soya sauce n vineger..mix all the ingredients well taste it if salt is less then add more as u like..for serving hot add grated chese in the topping or mionese n serve it wid tomato ketchup..u will luv this

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