Monday, August 17, 2009


The proportions mentioned are not exact. You can add whatever you want, and in any proportion. This is very approximate.


dry prunes- roughly chopped- 5-6
dry mangoes-roughly chopped- 5-6
almonds- 1/2 cup
pistachio- 1/4 cup
dry banana chips- 1/2 cup
dried apricots- 6-7
cashew-a handfull
dry cereal (any flavour can be added. i added the rasin and bran cereal)
semi sweet chocolate chip- 2cups
butter- 1 tbsp

• Roughly chop the prunes and the dry mango.

• Add all the other dry fruits along with the cereal in a food processor and simply pulse for a few mins. Do not powder. There should be pieces of the dry fruits. You can even just chop the fruits individually.

• Melt the chocolate over a double boiler.

• One it has completely melted add the butter. Stir in all the fruits. Mix.

• Line a 13 x 7 baking dish with cling foil.

• Spread the mixture evenly and leave it to set.

• Once cooled down,mark squares with a knife. Refrigerate.

• Store in the refrigerator or outside if its not too hot.

enjoy it any time.

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