Monday, August 17, 2009


lasagne...1 packet
chicken keema....1.5lb
onions..1 shredded/kadukushed
white mozarella cheese ...shredded
chedder cheese...shreded
prego sauce or u can use pasta sauce..but preference to prego sauce

take a pan put chiken keema in it.put salt n a lil bit of red chillies in it.put sum oil in it 4 bhunayi.cook it properly!den put prego sauce approximate as it covers the keema.cook it for about 10 minutes.mixing it can burn keep on mixing.
along wid making keema put lasagne strips into a big pot 4 boiling.boil it like we boil pasta or macaroni.
now take a bowl n put both cheese in it wid 2 eggs n 1 or half onion depends on u if u like onion shreded.mix these all.
now take a deep rectangular baking dish or glaas baking dish.make the oven ready on 250 farenheit.
drain the cooked lasagne strips.n let dem dry a little coz they may leave water in the dish afterwards.
now put sum keema sauce paste on the base of dish.scatter it.put strips of lasagne on the base.make one my baking dish three strips kan adjust on base.put keema wid sauce on each strip.den put cheese mixture a little.den again put strips of lasagne on top of each other.make layer upon layer wen its up to top oif can b 2 n half inch or at the end on the top leave strips alone.dont put keema on last layers but only cheese mixture.scatter it properly covering the whole cover it wid foil paper n put it in oven 4 20 minutes or chek it as the sauce mixture will leave water lat it dry.n dont put it uncovered in oven as cheese will cook dry.
now serve it by cutting it in many square pieces.

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