Monday, August 17, 2009


You will need:
• burger buns- 4 slices halved
• garden boca patty- 2
• lettuce- 2 leaves
• red onions- 1/2
• tomato- 2
• jalepenos- 2-3
• cheese alternatives or regular cheese slices- 2
• maggi hot and sweet tomato ketchup- 2 tbsp
• butter- 1 tbsp

You have to:
1. slice the tomatoes into rounds
2. slice onions. wash and dry the lettuce leaves.
3. heat butter in a pan.
4. saute the onions, till caremalized. add little bit of the tomato sauce.
5. in the same pan, heat the boca patty throughly.(these are frozen, so microwave it for a few seconds.
6. slightly toast the buns, with a little more butter, in the same pan.
7. take a plate. place the burger buns.
8. place the lettuce.
9. spread a little of the tomato sauce.
10. place the patty on top.
11. top it with the onions, and the round tomato slices and some chopped jalepenos.
12. place the cheese slice. sprinkle some salt and pepper. close with the other bun.
13. enjoy......
note: this burger can have loads of variations. I somtimes put some coleslaw salad too. To give it a more indian taste, one can add green chutney. I used sesame buns here, coz that is what I had on hand, but any buns would be fine.
happy eating.

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